P2 Student Design Woes

I spent the ENTIRE day in bed today ordering in food and chilling with my cat. So here are my thoughts:

Studying design is so fucking overwhelming!! There are too many areas of interest to explore that are so technical and involved that to studying them all is to be weak at all of them. Web design, User Experience, app design, print production! editorial versus advertising, type design! Oh and motion graphics?! AfterEffects makes we want to just do static logos forever. Not to mention graphic design history and theory! I’m reading Armin Vit and Bryoni Gomez-Palacio’s book Graphic Design Referenced. And it is so amazeballs as a comprehensive overview of the entire industry from theory to practice to inspiration and history and education. It’s too much! It makes me feel completely and utterly incompetant as a designer. Not to mention places like twitter, tumblr, pinterest, dribbble, w3c, smashing magazine, behance, coroflot, AIGA, TDC, and a million other social networking and portfolio sites and how to sites, podcasts, trade magazines, and free resources sites, and inspiration sites, and news sites, exhibitions, galleries, competitions, articles, new books, conferences, new apps, new tools and gadgets, scholarships, new educational programs like 3RD Ward, General Assembly, SVA and FIT, certificate programs and masters programs!! How is anyone supposed to get any work done!?! 

When I look back over my portfolio I realize that my best work is the work that took fucking forever! Projects that I was forced to spend hours with because they were long term/thesis like in that they were assigned, critiqued and revised for a major portion of the semester. And when I compare that to the incredibly fast paced media of design out there today, what seems most overwhelming is the ability to stay focused on one project for long enough to churn out a modicum of quality work. It seems almost endless the possibilities to take a project in from concept to execution to multimedia platforms from print to digital to interactive and motion. New shit is constantly coming out, new tricks to learn, new techniques to master. And someone else is always better, smarter, more clever, faster, luckier, more insightful! 

This is why I love school, it forces me to stay focused on a particular project or else I fail. But I guess if I was getting paid serious money to deliver and my livelihood depended on me doing good work, there’s always a chance that I’ll rise to the occasion and maybe actually gain some notoriety.